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Becoming a Support Specialist

Support Specialists are nurses, support workers and other independent contractors who are experienced and specialise in supporting people across the community especially when a person needs some practical help. They are trained and experienced and choose to work with people who are aged, have a disability, are recovering from illness or injury or simply want extra time in their day to spend at work, with family or friends.

The support provided can be short-term help when a person returns home from hospital, or it could be more regular help with everyday cleaning, shopping, gardening or cooking, for someone who is finding everyday tasks a little more difficult to achieve on their own. It could also be long term, more complex issues such as personal care, wound management or specialised credentialed support.

At Continuum Care we believe that regardless of the type of assistance required, our Support Specialists are special caring people who are committed to the people they work for and they love the work they do in our community to provide practical care solutions for people.

Registered Member Benefits

  • Marketing to increase income potential
  • On-line booking and communication with customers
  • Customer invoicing and prompt payment service (including follow up of late customer payments)
  • Registered Member log-on to access resources including sample forms 
  • Registered Member with other genuine and experienced support specialists
  • Access to training at a reduced cost
  • All Registered Members are carefully screened to provide peace of mind for customers
  • Insurance whilst working with customers (see more information below)

Registering your Interest

Persons interested in joining the Continuum Care Team as a Support Specialist, can simply click on the APPLICATION link to begin the process. To complete and submit a detailed application you will need to have the following information readily available:

  • Driver’s Licence (must be Australian and Current)
  • Visa details (if relevant)
  • ABN Number (if you already have one)
  • Vehicle Insurance details including expiry date
  • Police Clearance (you will be asked to upload this document)
  • DCSI Employment Screenings (you will be asked to upload these as one document)
  • ANMF Membership details (if relevant) 
  • Qualifications (you will be asked to upload copies of certificates as one document)
  • Referee Details (you will need to provide three workplace referees)
  • Your Resume - outlining: (1) your education (2) your experience as a nurse/support worker/other (3) your job history including current and past position and your start and finish dates in those positions and (4) your understanding of the position you have applied for and how you would fit the role.

nursing / support worker / other employment / application

If you don’t have all the above information don’t worry we are here to help you along the way. You can contact us by phone or email to discuss your particular situation or if you have any questions.


In establishing the minimum qualifications required for Support Specialists, Continuum Care uses guidelines established by “”. Qualifications for Support Specialists are usually one of the following Certificate or Diploma Courses or a higher qualification in a Human Service related field.

This does not exclude other persons who wish to provide support services from applying to be a Support Specialist. There are some services that are acceptable to provide without tertiary qualifications. If you are unsure contact us on 8251 1924 to discuss this further.

  • Advanced Diploma of Disability
  • Diploma of Community Services (Case management)
  • Diploma of Community Services (Mental health)
  • Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol and other drugs)
  • Diploma of Disability
  • Certificate IV in Mental Health
  • Certificate IV in Disability
  • Certificate IV in Home and Community Care
  • Certificate IV in Aged Care
  • Certificate III in Disability
  • Certificate III in Home and Community Care
  • Certificate III in Aged Care
  • Certificate III in Individual Care

After you Submit your Application

A Continuum Care representative will contact you within two business days, after you have submitted your APPLICATION to make a time to meet or you or invite you to an information session. This is an opportunity for us to discuss how Continuum Care operates and to ask you some basic questions. When you meet with one of our Team, you will be asked to provide original documents e.g.  your driver’s licence, VISA (if applicable), NPC, DCSI clearance, Senior First Aid Certificate and qualifications (as applicable). You will also have your photo taken for use on Continuum Care’s Website as part of your online “PROFILE”.

Once you become a Registered Member of Continuum Care our team is there to support you. We do the invoices and make sure you are paid. This frees your time to deliver quality care without the hassle of sending invoices and chasing people up for payment. We also ensure you have the right insurance to meet industry standards at a cost that is affordable, we advertise your services and availability and we assist you to build a long-term customer base.

All Support Specialists and other members of the Continuum Care Team must have insurance. Insurance is a way of managing risks. ... Insurance helps you to protect yourself and customers should something go wrong. Few people can afford the repairs, health care costs or legal expenses associated with accidents, injuries or allegations of malpractice without coverage.

You will be required to pay $100*/annum to cover your industry required insurance:

  • Professional Indemnity $20,000,000
  • Public and Products Liability $10,000,000
  • Group Personal Accident $100,000 Capital Benefits & $1,000 Weekly Benefits
*This cost is reviewed annually.

As a Continuum Care Team member, you will be given access to the Member’s Areas of the website where you will be able to create your own profile and have access to a number of resources. The profile will provide basic details about you, your qualifications, where you would like to work and the type of services you are able to provide. This information helps the customer to choose you as their Support Specialist.

Interested in finding out more…….. Click here……

nursing / support worker / other employment / application