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Continuum Care is an approved Home Care Provider through My Aged Care and an Approved Service Provider for Disability in South Australia

Continuum Care is able to provide services to you regardless of your circumstances. If you have a Home Care Package through My Aged Care or Individual Funding through DCSI or are you an adult with an NDIS service plan Continuum Care is an approved provider of these services.

For those people who are self-funded we can also meet your needs from short term care, ongoing care or once off things like a clean-up around the home.

Care Services Guide

Our Support Team can help you on your road to enjoying every day help at home. You choose the services and the worker and together you make and agree on a plan for services.

All our staff and contractors are qualified, experienced and have Police clearances to be able to support you. Support Team members respect your desire to have a personalised and flexible service that is suited to your home and life. To achieve this you can start or stop a service at any time and you decide on the options that best suit your needs.

Below we have listed some of the services available to you. If you can’t see the service you want below, you can simply contact Continuum Care by calling (08) 8251 1924 or send us an email. You can ask for a specific service or simply talk with us about how we could assist you. 

 continuum care
 continuum care

Types of Services

Help Around the House

A range of services that can give you the extra help you need around your home and help you to remain independent in your own home. Services include domestic assistance, personal care and meal services. Domestic services can support you with practical tasks such as general housework and shopping. Meals and other food services can help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

You may need some home maintenance and modification that supports you to stay in your own home by making your home safer and more secure. Services may include changing light bulbs, installing an emergency alarm or doing repairs. For more information click here.....

Personal Support

Personal care includes everyday tasks such as bathing and getting dressed but can also include transport services to get you to and from your appointments and around your community or assistance with staying physically active to help you to maintain your general health and fitness, or with rehabilitation after an accident or a stay in hospital. For more information click here.....


Companionship can provide emotional support and practical assistance to help and manage challenging situations and to maintain an active social life. Having someone visit you at home and spent time with you doing the things you like, or helping you to arrange visits and outings as well as accompanying you to provide the support you need. For more information click here.....

Companions can also help you to keep your dog exercised, assist you to maintain your contact with friends, family members and other support activities such as clubs, sporting activities or interest groups. The support provided with positive thinking, relaxation, a healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep, social support can also promote your health and wellbeing and assist in your recovery. For more information click here.....

Nursing Services

Our experienced nurses can help you manage a health condition at home. Examples might include changing dressings on wounds, or perhaps monitoring your blood pressure. When you have been in hospital, often the most desirable place to go when you leave is to your own home, but sometimes you might need extra help to recover. This is where nursing care and other forms of support may be able to help. For more information click here.....

End of Life Care at Home 

If you are caring for someone who is nearing the end of their life, there is help and support available. There are many different types of care to give you the extra support at home that you may need during this difficult time. It could be nursing care, help around the house or counselling.

How to Use Technology

Learn how to use a computer, use on-line shopping, use an iPad, use Skype and FaceTime, use Facebook or send an email or SMS. Learning some basics in using a computer to keep in touch with family of friends or find  the best price for a special gift can be fun. The Continuum Care Team can take you through some easy lessons to get you started.

Advocacy and Advisory Services

Continuum Care has experienced specialist staff who are qualified social workers or counsellors and can provide a range of confidential practical assistance. This could include making decisions about care at home, budgeting advice, referrals to local services and the difficult choices that growing older presents to all of us.

Do you require an aged care assessment, counselling or service information. Our aged care and disability staff have a range of useful information to pass on and is able to refer you to an agency that may be able to help with some more specific issues you may have.

The Continuum Care Team can work with you and speak out on your behalf when dealing with agencies or businesses. We can offer you support and encouragement to exercise your rights and, in some instances, speak, act or write on your behalf to help to resolve an issue. For more information click here.....

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