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Continuum Care is bringing people together through quality care for seniors and disabled.

Continuum Care’s Model of service is very much focused on YOU (the customer) and your family working with the Support Specialist to develop a service contract. This means that you and your family are encouraged to actively express your views and preferences about the service provision so that the you are able to achieve your unique goals, lifestyle choices and aspirations.

Continuum Care Blog

Continuum Care blog

Continuum Care was established in 2015 by our team of professionals who have experience in working in health, disability and aged care service delivery. Continuum Care’s philosophy is about bringing people together, using a simple model that provides a flexible and affordable way for customers to find quality help and support from self-employed experienced nurses, support workers and domestic workers for as long as needed.

Continuum Care is proudly a South Australian company that promotes independent contractors and people seeking affordable help at home, or in the community, to come together and be fully involved in making decisions about the customer’s individual needs and how these will be met.