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Information for Families

Making Decisions with Elderly Parents

Relationships can be strained and even broken as the older person and their adult children negotiate the shift of roles and as very difficult decisions are made. Even, given the most harmonious relationship, the transition in roles as the older person become increasingly frail is fraught with pitfalls. For adult children, it can seem their parent’s independence, health and vulnerability are changing and the level of support needs to increase. No one can provide all of the answers to this dilemma but here are suggestions of possible steps.

Families Facing Caregiving Decisions

Older persons need every opportunity to continue to make their own decisions. It may take a crisis, and at some point it may become clear to all involved that a change in a level of care is needed. Sweeping changes may not be necessary, but sometimes smaller changes like support to remain living at home, occupational therapy or a change in medication may be all that is needed.

Continuum Care is able to assist you in making the decisions about support for an older person, who wants to remain living at home, and lessen the stress of caring for you.

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Guardianship and Administration

The role of the Guardianship Board was taken over by the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) in March 2015. SACAT can appoint a guardian under a guardianship order to make accommodation, health and lifestyle decisions to support a person who is unable to make decisions for themselves.

If you are considering this here is some helpful information to get you started.

Informal arrangements

In many situations, a person can manage well in the community, making decisions about their finances, living circumstances, health and self-care with the support and assistance of family and friends and service providers such as the Continuum Care Support Specialists. 

Formal arrangements

n many situations, a person will have planned in advance when they still had mental capacity and are assisted with decision-making under a formal arrangement such as an enduring power of attorney (EPA) or an Advance Care Directive.

When to Apply for an Order

In some cases, the existing arrangements are not working, for example there may be disagreements between family members about making decisions for the person or people may not be able to continue to provide assistance.

SACAT is able to:

Find out more about SACAT:

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