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Service Fee Guidelines

It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions for this site and the Customer Website Agreement or the Support Specialist Agreement to fully understand the Continuum Care Fee structure.

Support Specialists are independent contractors and as such set their own fees per hour for the services they provide to the Customer. The Support Specialist and Customer together negotiate the Contract for Service. Continuum Care is not a party to this negotiation process. 

Registered Member Fees

  • Customers Member Registration is FREE.
  • Nurses Member Registration is $100 per annum.
  • Support Specialists Member Registration is $100 per annum.

Registered Member Fees are in place to offset the cost of:

  • The initial setup up of Registered Member Service Accounts,
  • The cost of insurance cover in relation to Professional indemnity, General Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for Support Specialists.
  • Advertising of Registered Member’s skills and services via website profiles 
  • The cost associated with verifying Registered Member’s qualifications, Police Checks and reference checks
  • Support Service Arrangements

Using the Website, a Customer will select the Support Specialists who they wish to negotiate with for a contract to provide services. The Customer will then provide Continuum Care with details including:

  • The type(s) of support services required;
  • Details on what area you live in; and
  • Consent to provide this information to a Support Specialist.

Continuum Care will then release information about the Customer and the type(s) of support services required to the nominated Support Specialist. The Support Specialist will then contact the Customer and together will discuss the services and fees. 

Once an offer from you is accepted by the Support Specialist, Continuum Care will invoice you for a Pre-Payment Amount, which will become the “Customer’s Service Account Balance”. A Pre-Payment Amount means $100 or the equivalent to (1) week of Service as per the Contract for Service with the nominated Support Specialist (whichever is highest). 

Administration Fees

Once the service commences Customers will pay Continuum Care an administration fee in addition to any service provision fees charged by the Support Specialist. This fee is based on the type of service that is being provided at a flat rate per hour (or part thereof). The fee will be included and stated on the invoice. 

Customers will be advised of all Administration Fees at the time of negotiating a Contract for Services with the Support Specialist.

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