What is a Support Specialist

Support Specialists are nurses, support workers and contractors who are experienced and specialise in supporting people across the community especially when a person is in need of some practical help.

Support Specialists are people who choose to work with people who are aged, have a disability, are recovering from illness or injury or simply want extra time in their day to spend at work, with family or friends.

The support they provide can be short-term help when a person returns home from hospital, or it could be more regular help with everyday cleaning, shopping, gardening or cooking, for those who are finding some everyday tasks a little more difficult to achieve on their own.

It could also be long-term or help with more complex issues such as personal care, wound management and other help – especially for those who are ageing or have a disability.

At Continuum Care we believe that regardless of the type of assistance required, our support team, gardeners and home maintenance contractors are special caring people who are committed to the people they work for and they love the work they do in our community to provide practical care solutions for people.

This is why we call our Team members “Support Specialists”

Our Support Specialists

  • Stephen Registered Nurse

    Stephen is very experienced, having worked in the Aged care industry for over 22 years.

  • Annette Domestic Assistant

    Annette really enjoys cleaning and has very high standards for her work

  • Gilles Support Worker

    Gilles has experience and qualifications in Aged Care and Disability and Mental Health

  • Sallyanne Support Worker

    Sallyanne is a very experienced Support Specialist who has worked in Aged Care and Disability for over 9 years.

  • Olga Domestic Assistant

    Olga is a professional cleaner with over 20 years of experience in domestic cleaning.

  • Karen Support Worker

    Karen has over 40 years experience working in aged care, disability and mental health.

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