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Website User Content & Material Procedure


This procedure outlines how Continuum Care will maintain a professional web site that supports the exchange of respectful and meaningful information for a safe and welcoming experience for its users.


The website content and material will be reviewed at least every 24 hours with a focus on:

  • Responding to logon requests by potential new members
  • Reviewing the appropriateness of chat-room, blogs or other forms of content through the website.
  • Ensuring current Members only having access to the website logon areas
  • Alerting police immediately where there may be criminal activity
  • Disabling access to those who have deliberately breached the User Agreement.

Inappropriate content and material

Inappropriate content and material may include (but not limited to):

  • Cruel and insensitive content.
  • Threat of physical harm or attempts to shock or intimidate.
  • Share images that may upset another person including nudity and pornography.
  • Attack of others due to their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition.
  • Providing misleading information (e.g. qualifications, affiliations or achievements)
  • Information about another person that has been posted without their consent.
  • Harassment, abuse or unwelcomed communication including junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing schemes.
  • Intention to infect other computers/phones with viruses, Trojans, worms, or other software that could destroy or interrupt data or computer devices.
  • Direct threat to public safety.
  • Bullying and harassment.
  • Illegal activity and potential trafficking in any illegal goods.
  • Promotion or threats of violence or property damage.
  • Attempts to commit fraud.
  • Anything that may be disagreeable or disturbing to another person.

Continuum Care will immediately remove the inappropriate content and contact the User who posted the content or material – except where there is possible criminal activity.

Possible Criminal Activity

A Director of Continuum Care must be notified immediately when any material or content posted on the website poses a direct threat, risk of harm, threat to public safety, criminal activity, sexual violence and exploitation, bullying, harassment, fraud, pornography, drugs etc.

The Director will then contact the SA Police on 13 1444 immediately to report the offensive post and seek advice and direction in relation to any actions taken by Continuum Care.

Information from the Police must include advice in respect to Continuum Care contacting the User and the appropriateness of further action.

Continuum Care will fully cooperate with the Police should a Police investigation be undertaken.

Contacting the User regarding inappropriate content/material

(where there is no possible criminal activity)

  1. If the user confirms that they posted the inappropriate content:
    1. Listen to the person’s explanation for posting the content.
    2. Continuum Care will explain the inappropriateness of the posting including the potential impact on a recipient and state that a further breach of the User Agreement may result in suspension of Membership.
    3. The user and Continuum Care then agree to steps to immediately address the issue. For
      example, user to apologise to recipient and discuss conflict resolution options.
  1. If the user states that they did not personally post the inappropriate content:
    1. The user account will be immediately disabled.
    2. The user will be asked whether any other person has access to their personal logon
      details. If no, then the user will be required to immediately change their logon details.
    3. The user and Continuum Care then agree to steps to immediately address the issue (e.g. user to change logon details).

Every instance of inappropriate content and material must be logged and reported to a Director of Continuum Care.

Where a Member may have been the target of the inappropriate content or material, the Director will contact that Member and inform them of the steps taken by Continuum Care to resolve the issue.