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Continuum Care is an approved Home Care Provider through My Aged Care and an NDIS Registered Provider

Continuum Care is able to provide services to you regardless of your circumstances. If you have a Home Care Package through My Aged Care or Individual Funding through DCSI or if you are an adult with an NDIS service plan, Continuum Care is an approved provider of these services. For those people who are self-funded we can also meet your needs from short term care, ongoing care or once off things like a cleaning around the home.

Continuum Care is committed to providing our Customers with affordable home care supports that are simple, flexible, reliable and customised to their individual needs.

Services are delivered by experienced, qualified and affordable professionals who love their work and are committed to providing high standards of care.

It has never been so easy, for Customers to choose a Support Specialist and work together to enhance their life journey. Continuum Care supports this journey by bringing people together and working in the background to manage the paperwork, allowing Customers and Support Specialists to enjoy quality time and experiences together.

Continuum Care Values

  • Awesome experience for workers and customers every day.
  • A strong voice in how support services meet individual needs.
  • Making a difference for Customers and their families.
  • The ability to achieve goals. 
  • Quality, affordable services.
  • Positive working relationships.

What is a Support Specialist

Support Specialists are nurses, support workers and other independent contractors who are experienced and specialise in supporting people across the community especially when a person is in need of some practical help. 

Support Specialists are people who choose to work with people who are aged, have a disability, are recovering from illness or injury or simply want extra time in their day to spend at work, with family or friends. The support they provide can be short-term help when a person returns home from hospital, or it could be more regular help with everyday cleaning, shopping, gardening or cooking, for those who are finding some everyday tasks a little more difficult to achieve on their own. It could also be long-term or help with more complex issues such as personal care, wound management and other help – especially for those who are ageing or have a disability.

At Continuum Care we believe that regardless of the type of assistance required, our independent contractors are special caring people who are committed to the people they work for and they love the work they do in our community to provide practical care solutions for people. 

This is why we call our support workers “Support Specialists” who are available to work with YOU

How to Become a Support Specialist

Persons interested in joining the Continuum Care team as a Support Specialist, can simply click on the link to How to become a Support Specialist. Here you will find more detailed information on being an independent contractor and what the Registered Member benefits are for you.

You will need to complete and submit a Membership Application and there are a few steps to this process but we are here to help you along the way and we have provided some “How To” information for you. You can always contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Continuum Care offers enormous benefits for its Support Specialist Registered Members who want to 

  • Make a big difference in someone’s life.
  • Work for yourself.
  • Decide the hours that best suit you and your ‘take home’ income.
  • Work close to home or across the State.
  • Choose the customers you prefer to work with.
  • Slowly build up your customer base and maintain your work elsewhere.

For more detailed information, go to our “Becoming a Support Specialist” page.


You do not have to be aged or have a disability to become a Registered Member. Support for you or a family member may be short term or long term or once off. If you are seeking any kind of support, Registered Member status is a very simple process. We ask you to complete the “Customer Membership” form and provide some basic information. You are then able to find a Support Specialist through the Gallery and negotiate a contract that suits your needs.

You can refer to Continuum Care’s “Care Services Guide” for more information about the types of supports that can be provided. If you have a need that isn’t in the Care Services Guide, simply contact us, and we will do our best to find a way of meeting your support needs.

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Join Our Mailing List and you can contribute to our Blog or Newsletter and we will then send you the Newsletter on a regular basis with news about the work we are doing at Continuum Care and material submitted by other Users of our mailing list. Being on the Mailing List allows you to view our Support Specialists profiles but it will not allow you Registered Member’s rights to engage in a contract for work with a Support Specialist or a Customer.

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Marko is an experienced worker with excellent skills in working either with elderly clients or with persons with disability. He is passionate about his work and really enjoys the opportunity to provide support to others.

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Claudine has experience working with elderly people, people with disability and people with mental health issues.

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Raji has good communication skills and understands nursing procedures. She has a current driver's licence and can assist with transport. She has excellent skills in personal care such as showering, feeding, dressing, medications, intravenous injections, intramuscular injection and toileting. She also loves shopping, cooking and gardening with customers.

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Hi my name is Angela, I am 33 years and very energetic person. I have over 8 years of experience in disability and aged care. My referees describe me as being conscientious and very good with the people I work for. I have excellent skills in working with people with mental health issues and dementia.

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Stephen is a Registered nurse who has worked in the Aged care industry for over 22 years.

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Esther has a Certificate III in Aged and working experience in the aged care industry. She is dedicated, hardworking and able to work successfully with different types of customers, who have all have their own specific support needs

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