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Bringing People Together For Every Day Help At Home

Bringing People Together
For Every Day Help At Home

Tips to Stay Healthy

Some things can become a little harder to manage later in life, but with the right services, support and information, you can keep living in the comfort of your own
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flu shot

Get Your FLU Shots NOW

Seniors are feeling younger and fitter but that won’t stop them from getting a deadly lung infection, the Lung Foundation Australia has warned. A vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia will add
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increasing health in your sixties

Well being can increase in your 60’s

A study of more than 3,000 volunteers in Britain aged 60-64 found that there was an improvement in their wellbeing when quizzed again five years later. Feeling cheerful, confident, optimistic, useful
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Website Open

Continuum Care is bringing people together through quality care for seniors and disabled. Continuum Care’s Model of service is very much focused on YOU (the customer) and your family working
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Continuum Care blog

Continuum Care Blog

Continuum Care was established in 2015 by our team of professionals who have experience in working in health, disability and aged care service delivery. Continuum Care’s philosophy is about bringing
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