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About Us

Bringing People Together For Every Day Help At Home

Bringing People Together
For Every Day Help At Home

Continuum Care was established in 2015, in consultation with a number of customers, by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the delivery of in-home health, disability and aged care services.

Our philosophy is about bringing people together, using a simple model that provides a flexible and affordable way for customers to find quality home care and support from experienced nurses, support workers and domestic workers for as long as needed.

Continuum Care is proudly a South Australian company that promotes the positive relationships between our support team and people seeking affordable help at home or in the community, to come together and make collaborative decisions about how the customer’s individual needs will be met.


The Continuum Care team is led by the Managing Director Kym Bronson, who has over 30 years’ experience working in health care and disability, and the Chairperson Pauline Button, with over 30 years’ experience in community services and aged care service delivery.

Why we exist

The inspiration for Continuum Care arose from discussions with everyday people seeking practical assistance from qualified experienced workers as well as discussions with the support workers themselves.

Customers and families expressed they want:

Support workers and nurses expressed they want:

The model we have implemented meets the needs of both customers (and their families) and support workers as it truly is a collaborative endeavour through which home care and disability services are delivered.

The difference it makes

Support services are delivered by experienced, qualified professionals who love their work and are committed to providing quality, affordable services and high standards of care and support.

Our team of “Support Specialists” is made up of nurses, support workers and contractors who specialise in supporting people across the community and who want to make a difference for customers and their families.

Customers can enjoy affordable home care support that is simple, reliable, flexible and customised to their individual needs for as long as needed.

At Continuum Care we believe that regardless of the type of assistance required, our team of Support Specialists are special, caring people who are committed to developing positive working relationships with the people with whom they work. They love the work they do in our community to provide practical care and solutions for people.

They would enjoy the opportunity to support you.

Continuum Care supports an awesome experience for workers and customers every day. It has never been so easy for customers to choose a support worker. Our Support Specialists are committed to flexible, quality services . . . . . . 

“Bringing people together to enjoy every day help at home”.