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About Us

Continuum Care was established in 2015 by our team of professionals who have experience in working in health, disability and aged care service delivery. Continuum Care’s philosophy is about bringing people together, using a simple model that provides a flexible and affordable way for customers to find quality help and support from self-employed experienced nurses, support workers and domestic workers for as long as needed. 

Continuum Care is proudly a South Australian company that promotes independent contractors and people seeking affordable help at home, or in the community, to come together and be fully involved in making decisions about the customer’s individual needs and how these will be met. 

The Continuum Care team is led by the Managing Director who has over 30 years’ experience working in health care and disability and the Chairperson with over 20 years’ experience in aged care service delivery. 

Our team is passionate about “bringing people together to enjoy every day help at home” so that customers can select and enjoy the support services they need and decide who will provide the service.

The inspiration for Continuum Care arose from discussions with everyday people seeking practical assistance from qualified experienced workers. Customers and families want assistance that supports their unique health and lifestyle needs and they also want a strong voice in how support services meet individual needs.

Individuals and family members often tell us they want to make decisions about who provides the support as well as when and how the services are delivered. They also tell us they want services at an affordable cost. 

Support workers and nurses also expressed a wish to choose who they work for, negotiate how much they get paid and what hours they work. They are eager to deliver more flexible and reliable services and thereby enhancing the long-term benefits for their customers. 

Support services are delivered by experienced, qualified professionals who love their work and are committed to providing quality, affordable services and high standards of care and support. Customers can enjoy affordable home care support that is simple, reliable, flexible and customised to their individual needs for as long as needed.

This team of independent contractors called “Support Specialists” are nurses, support workers and other independent contractors who specialise in supporting people across the community and who want to make a difference for customers and their families. They choose to work with people who are in need of some support to manage daily living. Some customers are aged, have a disability, are recovering from illness or injury or simply want extra time in their day to spend at work, with family or friends. 

The support provided can be short-term help when a person returns home from hospital, or it could be more regular help with everyday cleaning, shopping, gardening or cooking, with those who are finding some everyday tasks a little more difficult to achieve on their own. It could also be long term help such as personal care, wound management or keeping in touch with community activities or increasing the individual’s ability to achieve goals – especially for those who are ageing or have a disability.

At Continuum Care we believe that regardless of the type of assistance required, the team of independent contractors are special caring people who are committed to developing positive working relationships with the people with whom they work. They love the work they do in our community to provide practical care and solutions for people. They would enjoy the opportunity to support you. 

Continuum Care supports an awesome experience for workers and customers every day. It has never been so easy for customers to choose a support worker and Support Specialists are committed to this new way of “Bringing people together to enjoy every day help at home”