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Continuum Care is bringing people together for everyday help at home and providing quality care for seniors, adults with disability and other people who need support.

Continuum Care’s service is very much focused on YOU (the customer) and your family working with the Support Specialist to develop a service contract. This means that you and your family are encouraged to actively express your views and preferences about the service provision so that the you are able to achieve your unique goals, lifestyle choices and aspirations.

Continuum Care is unlike traditional models of support that are usually provided by large organisations who manage arrangements on behalf of the person and organise the services, develop timetables and organise activities for an inflexible period of time.

Continuum Care customers decide who will support them and how their money is going to be spent. Customers are the leaders in understanding their unique needs, goals and aspirations and expressing them in an open way that maximises the individual’s ability to take control of their own life.

Supports for the customer are flexible and tailored to individual needs and preferences and focus on strengthening the person's ability to participate in their community and develop informal supports.

There is a real shift in power from an organisation making decisions to the person determining and managing the risks of their decisions and choices.​

Contracts for Service

Support Specialists will talk to you about the services you want and what they are able to provide. If you are both agreeable, then you both write and sign a simple contract for the provision of services by the Support Specialists. These contracts can easily change and evolve as your circumstances and life changes. You simply discuss with your Support Specialist when you want to make changes.

This means flexibility for you to direct the services and to change the contract if you need to. Flexibility can be demanding and challenging to manage but it also develops the relationship between you and the Support Specialist. 

Once the contract is in place there is still the need to continually talk with each other to make sure that new knowledge and information can benefit the quality and matching of supports to meet individual needs.

Who are Continuum Care Customers

Continuum Care Customers are ordinary people; some are aging or have a disability, some are seeking services and supports in the community or home to maintain and enhance their lifestyle, others need short or long term assistance due to ill health or injury recovery and then there are spouses, adult children, friends, guardians and neighbours who may be seeking services on behalf of another person. 

Peace of Mind

Continuum Care is committed to ongoing enhancement of safety and protection for you in contracting a Support Specialist to work in your home or with you in the community. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that all Support Specialists are required to submit evidence of their qualifications, satisfactory Police checks and referee reports to Continuum Care prior to becoming Support Specialists and adding their profile to the website. 

All of the Support Specialists who are accepted as Registered Members have been carefully screened by Continuum Care to verify, to the best of our ability, that the information on this website is provided in good faith and that they meet the minimum standards required in providing services to you. 

You can be assured that Support Specialists are insured to industry standards. Our insurers are Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited, Dual Australia Pty Ltd and Medisure through Perrymans General Insurance Brokers. You will be able to access a copy of Certificate of Currency once you become a Registered Customer, should you wish to do so. 

Care Services Guide

Please refer to the Care Services Guide for more details on the types of services provided by Support Specialists and the Continuum Care Fee Structure.

Qualifications for Support Specialists

In establishing the minimum qualifications required for Support Specialists to be accepted as Continuum Care Members, Continuum Care is using guidelines established by “”. This organisation is the national register for training in Australia. Their guidelines contain the authoritative information about Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and the approved scope of training required in national and jurisdictional legislation within Australia. 

Choosing a Support Specialist

To choose a Support Specialist visit the Support Specialist Gallery and explore the Support Specialists Profiles. The profile of Support Specialists includes their hourly rate, qualifications, local areas they work in and a short description about their interests and why they enjoy their work. 

Profiles do not provide direct contact details to a Support Specialist. You select the person you prefer to provide support services and once you have made a decision you submit a “Request for Services” form with basic details about the service required and permission to provide your details to Support Specialist. This form is automatically sent to the Continuum Care Team and we will contact the Support Specialist and provide your details. If you are not already a Registered Member, you will need to become a Registered Member before your request can be processed. 

You will then be contacted by the Support Specialist and together you will negotiate the contract for services that meet your needs and preferences. When you and the Support Specialist have agreed to a service you will be invoiced a pre-payment amount to establish your Continuum Care Service Account. Once the service commences you will need to pay Continuum Care an administration fee based on the type of service you require. This will be at a flat rate per hour and will be specified on the invoice sent to you. Continuum Care will manage all of the invoicing and financial transactions between yourself and the Support Specialist.

You may prefer to nominate two Support Specialists just in case the first one is not available or if you and the first choice Support Specialist are unable to reach an agreement. Alternately you can contact Continuum Care to discuss your specific needs and preferences.

The Support Specialist Gallery

The Support Specialist Gallery contains information about each of the Support Specialist Registered Members who provide services to you. The profile of each Support Specialist includes their hourly rate, qualifications, local areas they work in and a short description about their interests and why they enjoy their work. 

Within the Gallery you will be able to scroll through and view a picture of each Support Specialists with a snippet of information about the person. For more details, you can click on a link to see the person’s profile with more comprehensive details about the services they provide, the hourly rate they charge, qualifications, local areas where they would prefer to work and their interests.

You may want to use some of the filters in the Gallery to choose Support Specialists by characteristics such as gender, hourly rate or qualifications.

You can add Support Specialists to your Favourites List and this will stay available to you for a few days while you consider your options or talk to others about your choices. 

The Profiles also have a link to Request a Service form for when you are ready to select the Support Specialist or Specialists you would like to have some direct contact with.

It’s never been so easy!

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